Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Diabetes Certificate Program

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A  Practice-based continuing education activity for pharmacists in all areas of practice who wish to further their clinical and communication skills in the management of patients with diabetes to improve diabetes disease management and empower patients with diabetes to improve their health.

This unique certificate program provides skills in both Medication Therapy Management and Motivational Interviewing focused on Respiratory Disease Management.  Other MTM Certificate programs do not teach motivational interviewing to affect health behavior change.

 To obtain CPE Credit, click on the Online CE Center link.  Use your NABP E-profile ID and the session code listed next to the activity to access the online quiz and evaluation.  First time users must register in the UConn system.  Test results will be displayed immediately and your participation will be recorded with CPE Monitor within 72 hours of completing the  requirements.  If you have any questions or issues you may contact:  Joanne Nault at or 860-486-2084.

Participants may take one or more of the activities below for CE credit.  Those who are attending the live meeting to receive a certificate must complete all of the activities prior to the live event.

Drug Topics  knowledge-based journal articles

Diabetes mellitus: Pathophysiology, diagnosis, screening, and risk factors
Session Code:  15DT17-KFV48    EXPIRES 7/01/2018
Medical nutrition therapy, physical activity, and health maintenance considerations for patients with diabetes
Session Code:  15DT18-PFT73    EXPIRES 7/01/2018
Oral antidiabetes agents and noninsulin injectables for diabetes care
Session Code:  15DT19-TKZ83   EXPIRES 7/01/2018
Insulin therapy for diabetes care management
Session Code:  15DT20-VYJ93   EXPIRES 7/01/2018
Macrovascular and microvascular complications of diabetes mellitus
Session Code:  15DT21-TJJ84   EXPIRES 7/01/2018
Psychosocial considerations in the management of diabetes
Session Code:  15DT22-PXK72   EXPIRES 7/01/2018
Drug-induced hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia, nonprescription medications, and complementary and alternative medicine for diabetes care
Session Code:  15DT23-XTY85   EXPIRES 7/01/2018

Drug Topics application-based interactive case studies

Case Studies in Diabetes Care-Part 1
Session Code:  visible at completion of activity   EXPIRES 7/01/2018
Case Studies in Diabetes Care-Part 2
Session Code:  visible at completion of activity   EXPIRES 7/01/2018
Case Studies in Diabetes Care-Part 3
Session Code:  visible at completion of activity   EXPIRES 7/01/2018


Funding of the pre-requisite home study material activities was provided by:

Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp

Our Live Meetings are a resounding success!

“I would just like to offer feedback to you about the MTM event that was held earlier in the week.  It was AWESOME.   I was a little nervous about being prepared, but the speakers and facilitators were excellent, supportive and encouraging which made me feel more comfortable.  I am SO GLAD I participated in this series and I want to thank you so much for offering the opportunity. ”       Sara – CT

“Overall I feel that all of my patients benefited from our encounters.  It also provided me with a sense of personal and professional accomplishment.  I look forward to utilizing the skills I have acquired in future career opportunities.”  Wint – NJ


Thursday, March 29, 2018
The Aqua Turf Club
Mulberry Street
Plantsville, CT
7:30 am – 5:00 pm

Registration Coming in 2018!

To be awarded a Certificate of Achievement in MTM for the Adult Patient with Diabetes, all participants must participate in the Live event and complete the Post Activity Requirements:

  • Perform initial MTM encounters with 3 patients
  • Perform follow up MTM encounters with 3 patients
  • Complete and submit documentation of patient encounters

Description and instruction will be provided at the live event

More information on the LIVE Meeting


Parking is complimentary at the Aqua Turf Club
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