Mediterranean Diet CE in Italy: Money Matters

The Euro is the official currency of the European Union. Visit for current exchange rates.

Using an ATM/Debit card in automated machines is the fastest and most efficient method for obtaining cash. The exchange rate is more favorable and networks are safe and reliable.

If your bank card also acts as a credit card, then it can be used for purchases at any store or shop that has the symbol of your card provider. However, the bank account in the U.S. is debited immediately and a small surcharge is often added for exchange rates. Please note that many stores do not accept American Express.

Generally, any four digit PIN will work for the ATM’s abroad but you should verify. PINs with fewer or more than four digits or PINs that include letters may not work overseas.

For cash advances, emergencies, and relatively large purchases such as hotel stays and other travel – related expenses, credit cards are widely accepted. However, you should notify your credit card company of your abroad to find out what their policy and fees are for use overseas. Some credit cards are blocked for security measures after a second use in a foreign country.